What does my entry money pay for?
Some examples include race-related expenses e.g. bibs, TMNZ, sound and timing systems, event safety, advertising, web management, subsidizing some prizes, prizemoney, donations to community groups/causes. No wages are paid to the organizers.

Do I have to pay an entry fee for pre-schoolers? If preschoolers are in a pushchair, no entry fee is required. If they walk or run alongside you, an entry fee is required as they are valid race entrants and as such are eligible for all prizes.

Will there be somewhere to leave my gear?
Yes. Near the ‘Late Entries’ desk, but I suggest you leave your valuables at home.   Our policy is “all care and no responsibility.”

Where are the drink stands located?
There are 7 drink stands in total. These are located at Whangamata Area School, Ocean Road, (outside Whangamata Real Estate), Otahu Rd, Brenton Place, State Highway 25 (toward Half Marathon turnaround), State Highway 25 (homeward bound after the Half Marathon turnaround) and Beach Road near the wharf.

Is there first aid assistance on the day?
Yes, St John Ambulance will be present. Please be aware that all roads are open to vehicular traffic. The logging company is very considerate and usually halts its traffic for the duration of the Run Walk Festival.

What happens if I need to stop or need help during the course?
Stop and ask for assistance. All routes will be carefully monitored: by stationary marshalls, course security, marshalls on motorbikes, Traffic Management NZ, and spotters. There are always some runners and walkers who can be relied upon to relay your need for help. St John and NZ Police will also be present.

Will walkers results be separated from non-walkers results?
Yes, provided you have entered as a designated walker.

The walking categories will not be judged, and it is expected that all registered walkers will adhere to sportsmanship behaviour and walk the entire course.

Is there food and drink to buy after the race?
Yes. There will be a coffee vendor and other food outlets onsite. The township is only a ‘good wind-down walk’ away where there are several cafes that offer fine fare. They would all appreciate your patronage, especially as its a quiet time of year for their businesses.

Is it worth staying on for the weekend in Whangamata?
Yes!  There are some interesting shops, a variety of accommodation, fish to catch, scenery to die for, and plenty of other wholesome things to do and see…or just be!

What is a ‘school student’?
Anyone currently enrolled in a primary or secondary school.
All preschoolers who walk or run in the 5km or 10km.(versus ride in a pushchair; are piggybacked etc)
This lower price is an added incentive for youth to participate, and entitles them to the same wonderful opportunities all other entrants have.